Without a room of one´s own

Project emerged from the impossibility of finding neither time nor space to create, due to my motherhood alone. The title is based on Virginia Wolf's essay "A Room of One's Own" and extrapolated to artistic creation. Due to this lack of a room of my own, all the drawings and actions take place in the living room of my house and due to the lack of time, the "guest artists" will collaborate in my housework and in the care of my children. They will all be male artists of recognized international prestige. A selection of his most recognized works will be artistically intervened by my 3-year-old daughter.

Because... how would these works have been without a room of their own and having dependent children?

The project wants to overcome androcentric stereotypes and current discrimination to make diversity visible and recognize as a determining value the contributions of women in advancing towards more egalitarian, inclusive, fair and democratic societies.