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Amaya Bombín. 1977.


– Fine Arts. University of Salamanca. 1996-2001. 

– She specialized in Illustration in the Hertogenbosch School, Holland. 2001.

– Advertising-Graphics. Art School of Salamanca. 1998-2001.

She worked as a publicist in Madrid and Lisbon, having clients such as Telefónica, Grupo Prisa, Mercedes Benz,

McDonalds, Norwegian Embassy, Edelvives, Spanish NGO Coordinator (CONGDE), etc.

Her work is a multidisciplinary work and it has been shown in several exhibitions nationally and internationally.


- Annual artistic grant of Fundación Castilla y León for developing the project "Raíces 1.0".

- ART-EX grant to exhibit abroad. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain + AECID. 2015/2016.

- Artistic residency in LAVA, Valladolid, Spain. October-December, 2014.

- Artistic residency "Línea de Costa"/ECCO Museum, in Cádiz, Spain. 2014.

- Artistic residency "CreArt" in Delft, Holland. 2013.

- Artistic residency "CRIdA" in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Palma City Council. 2012.

- Botín Fundation/Cantabria University: "History and forms of curiosity". Santander, Spain. 2011.

- "Rome Prize". Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Italy. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture. 2009-2010.

- Leonardo grant in Lisbon, Portugal, 2003.

- Socrates/Erasmus grant in Hertogenbosh, Holand, 2001.

- Artistic project in Rieti, Italia. Art School of Salamanca. 2000.

2021. Next solo exhibition in Patio Herreriano Museum, Valladolid.

She creates an illustration book: "Ada y mamá".

Designs poster for the Master's Degree in Advanced Studies in Philosophy (University of Salamanca and University of Valladolid).

In April she gives a workshop at the CEIP Miguel Delibes in Aldeamayor de San Martín, Valladolid.
Within the R + D + i project of the Espaciar Group of the University of Valladolid.

2020. She teaches a contemporary art workshop at the University of Venice (Italy) with the Research Group of the University of Valladolid Espaciar. From January 27 to 31 at the Fondazione VAC. 

She teaches different art workshops for the Valladolid Provincial Council during the month of February. 

She designs the cover of the book "La ira de la evolución III" by M.S.R.

She is part of the jury of the ACOR Painting Contest of Castilla y León, in the year of the 20th anniversary.

2019ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0. Art Basel Artweek in Miami, from the 2nd - 8th of December 2019.

LA ARTEINFORMADA, curated by Miryam Anllo. Online Fair in February 15th - April 15th.

She is part of the research group Espaciar, of the University of Architecture of Valladolid, for the project "Planimetric, spatial and photographic analysis of pioneering audiovisual installations in the Iberian Peninsula since 1975."

Colective exhibition "Versionadas". Casa Junco, Palencia. From February 14 to March 12.

Collective exhibition PICNIC. Exhibition Hall Monzón de Campos, Palencia. July 7th - September 1st. And next months in  Casa de Indias, Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz. 

Collective exhibition 10th anniversary of DiLab. DiLab, Urueña. Valladolid. July 13th - September.

2018. Exhibition "Ancestral roots". African Art Museum Arellano Alonso. Santa Cruz Palace, Valladolid. Spain.

Annual artistic grant of Fundación Villalar for developing the project "Raíces 1.0".

Tutor of the CreArt Artistic Residency in Valladolid, Spain.

2017. Site-specific intervention in the International Art Fair ArtMap. Braga, Portugal.

Tutor of the CreArt Artistic Residency in Valladolid, Spain.

Conference "Creative women". Contemporary Art Museum Patio Herreriano of Valladolid, Spain.

Workshop in the Museum of African Art Jiménez Arellano of Valladolid + performance in the Cloister of Santa Cruz Palace.

2016.  Solo exhibitions: "Linking roots" in Houston (Texas, USA) and Genova (Italy).

Amaya Bombín creates live visuals for 3 concerts in Miguel Delibes Auditorium of Valladolid. Title: Delibes + XXI, with the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y Leon and Gordan Nikolic, concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra. Music of J.S. Bach, Estrada and Kurt Weill.

Group exhibition Abismo humano, Las Francesas Church. Valladolid, España.

Group exhibition LINE. DiLab, Urueña. Valladolid, España.

2015. Site-specific installations in The New Fair. The New Gallery, Madrid.

She participates in the roundtable for Women´s Day. Peñafiel, Valladolid. 4th of March.

She is been selected for RIZOMA Festival.

She moderates the roundtable about the European Project CreArt. 10th of April. City Hall of Valladolid.

2014"Raíz". Site specific intervention + solo exhibition in Línea de Costa/ECCO Museum. Cádiz, Spain.

Site-specific intervention "Erratic roots" in Las Francesas Church, Valladolid. Spain.

Performance "(red)" into the European Day of Creativity. Valladolid, Spain.

Solo exhibition "RED" in Calderon´s Theatre Gallery, Valladolid. Spain.

Bombín was selected by CreArt to be part of the European itinerant exhibition "White Noise, Black Words," curated by Miguel Amado, Rosa Lleó and Joao Laia, to be held in Vilnius (Lithuania), Zagreb (Croatia) and Harghita County (Romania).

2013. New project "Baroque roots" in the Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

Several site specific interventions throughout the city of Delft, Holland. 

"View of Delft" exhibition in Kadmium Center of Contemporary Art, Delft, Holland.

2012. Performance "Red Roots". Bramante´s Cloister, Rome, Italy. Vari(e)azioni closure.

XXI Drawing group exhibition Gregorio Prieto Foundation, Casa del Reloj, Madrid.

"ENLLOC" Amaya Bombín+Ronda Bautista. Convent de la Missió Gallery. Palma de Mallorca.

Two interventions in the CCA Museum, Andratx, Mallorca.

2011Performance "LAUS DEO" in Doria Pamphilij Gallery. Rome, Italy. 

XXI Drawing group exhibition Gregorio Prieto Foundation, Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real. Spain.

Group exhibition "La Gran Recolección". CEIDA, A Coruña.

"Anónimo" group exhibition. Centro de Arte Jóven de la Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid, Spain.

"Pixmo", in LABoral, Contemporary Art Center of Gijón, Spain.

Performance with Sao Torpez. Off Limits Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2010Estampa, International Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid. Columpio Gallery.

"Transit", Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. Italy.

"Censored" Intervention over the Bramante´s Temple. Rome. Italy.

"Looking Forward". MACRO Future. Rome. Italy.

"20Eventi". Site specific intervention. Art in Sabina. Italy.

International MACRO Art Fair "Roma, Road to Contemparary Art". Complesso Monumentale di Santo Spirito. Rome.

"Spazi Aperti". Group exhibition. Rumanian Academy in Rome. Italy.

"Urbi et Orbi". VI Contemporary Art Fair of Arévalo. Ávila. Spain.

"Drawing pages". Galería Columpio. Madrid.

Collaboration in the Night of the Museums. Rome. Italy.

2009Solo exhibition "SMS" in Espacio Cultural Nänai, Madrid.

Two solo exhibitions for the NGO Acción Geoda Fundation. Madrid.

Solo exhibition in Antonio Mingote´s Library, Madrid (Selected by ArteJoven Madrid).

Solo exhibition in ArtKalam Association. Palacio de Convenciones, Casa de Campo. Madrid.

Casa de Vacas, Parque del Retiro, Madrid.

"Trans-mutaciones", Centro Cultural la Asunción, Albacete.

2008. Solo exhibition "Binary landscapes". Columpio Gallery, Madrid.

Solo exhibition "SMS". Espacio F Gallery, Madrid.