"DELFT OP ZICHT" project. Delft, Holland.

CreArt Artistic Residence. Coordinated by the Artistic Initiative id11 in Kadmium Contemporary Art Centre. Delft, Holland.

Clues to understand my work in Delft:

_Baroque periodDuring the Baroque period, Dutch painting, established a separation between the inside and outside of the city: it linked the woman inside (the house, family, spirituality...) and the man with the outside (the city, trade...). Through my work I try to bring these two visions into one creating a view from the inside and outside at the same time.

_Sewing DelftThe Dutch painter beauty was not necessarily an established repertoire of forms but he could decide for himself to show the beauty of a simple gesture. In my work this simple gesture are stitches of red thread running through the streets of the city.

I have joined through the accion of sewing the interior space -related with woman- and outdoors, related with men.

_The act of walkingThe act of walking has many references and connotations: from the Situationist movement, through authors such as Stendhal, Proust, Kierkegaard, B. Chatwin, P. Auster, etc., or conceptual artists such as Hamish Fulton.

The works will inherently be praise for what I want to represent. Therefore, praise for the city (as in Vermeer´s painting) as well as praise for 17th century Dutch painting, which I admire for its historical importance to art conception.

_Hierarchical inversionWestern tradition placed inanimate things last in the hierarchy. During the Baroque period, this concept changed thanks to the Dutch painters mentality and today, it is precisely these materials that I use in my work. As Todorov said, "the accessorial acquired the status of the essential". In my work, the accessorial and the essential come together.