"Baroque roots" project. Developed in Museo del Prado, Madrid. Since January 2013 I can access to the Prado Museum as a copyist to carry out a personal project. The first work I created was this drawing: "Anton Van Dyck with Sir Endymion Porter". 100x70 cm / 39,37x27,55 inches. Graphite + red watercolor + red thread.

Then, I drew "Las hilanderas" (Velázquez), "San Andrés"  (Ribera), "El caballero de la mano en el pecho" (El Greco), "Selfportrait" (Durero), "Sibila" (Velázquez)... etc.

More drawings: Grapes of Juan Fernández "El Labrador". 35 drawings. Hand made italian paper (30 x 21,5 cm) and "Stones in the Prado" serie.